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Animated brochure website for a glazing installer and manufacturer

Bespoke dynamic website for Chelsea-award winning garden design company including full CMS and slideshows.

Small brochure website for Redditch-based limousine and private hire company including full search engine optimisation.

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Website Design

By far the largest area of our work, website design and development is an area in which we excel!

When considering acquiring a website for your business or organisation there are many, often confusing factors to consider. We aim to take the strain from you and guide you through the whole process from start to finish in close consultation, explaining each stage and all the options in an informal and jargon-free style so that you are always up-to-speed with developments and have as much, or as little, input as you feel comfortable.

There are, broadly speaking, two types of website that can be designed:

  • Information websites
    These are typically a small number of pages with each page covering the basic information about a company's areas of work and/or products.

  • E Commerce websites
    These are much more complex sites, typically utilizing a 'shopping cart' for direct purchase of goods and/or services including credit card payment facilities.

Of course, these are not mutually exclusive concepts and many sites encompass other sub-varieties such as dynamic pages, pages where the content changes dependant upon some user interaction, for example.

Whatever the nature of the site you require, SalesFunnel can meet your needs and provide an affordable and suitable solution.

Ten reasons to choose SalesFunnel for your website:

  • Hosting
    We offer a full range of hosting options for your website. We can provide the best server package for your site depending on your website's specific needs (ASP, PHP, database, e-commerce etc . . . ) which makes major savings.
  • Only pay for what you need
    We don't insists on providing an all singing, all dancing web site crammed with expensive animations etc . . . and charge you for their creation. We only include content relevant to the project as agreed with the client.
  • Scaleability
    No website is too small for our help. From 1 page to 1000+ pages we can cater for your needs.
  • E commerce
    If you want e-commerce it is not always financially necessary to have a bespoke e-commerce web site built for you. In fact, this can be extremely expensive in the first instance and over time. We look at what you are wanting to achieve and look at the full range of options suitable for the project - many of which you will be surprised by their relatively small cost.
  • Graphic design
    We offer logo/banner and corporate ID service too to give your web site and personal business cards, stationery etc, a constant theme.
  • Keeping you in the picture
    We consult you at every stage of the process and your satisfaction with the final product will be agreed before the website goes 'live': this is your global business representation and it is essential that it is exactly as you want it.
  • Maintenance
    When we have completed the design and build of the site it will either be self-maintenance, via a content management system, or you may require updating, and general amending/expanding. We offer to undertake these services as and when required for an amazingly low cost and in addition, if you have a website designed by another provider and wish it altering we may be able to help with that too (depending on your previous agreement/hosting arrangements etc . . . ).
  • Photography
    Our digital photography service can add product images and/or workplace photographs to your website.
  • Cutting-edge coding
    We offer plain HTML coding, PHP and Javascript/Ajax for dynamic interaction, Access and MySQL databases and CSS formatting.
  • Domain names
    We provide a full domain name registration service (your website's address:, for example) including,, .com etc.